What Makes 2014 a Good Year for Real Estate Investing by Jeff Adams

The housing bubble in the United States peaked in early 2006; but, the shaky economy resulted in housing prices reaching new lows during the 2009 – 2012 recession period. Fortunately, the real estate market is back on track and now making a full recovery from the after effects of recession. Not only is the real estate market booming with new homes and large scale residential and commercial properties, but you will also find a couple of foreclosures lined up for easy investing.

And with so many options for investing in 2014, first time home buyers, first time investors, veteran investors and property flippers are in luck.

Why is 2014 a “Good” Year for “Good” Real Estate Investing?

 Investors and home buyers now have many reasons to rejoice as 2014 is already proving to be a good year with real estate investments so far. Listed below are a few trends in the current real estate market, which make real estate investing a good idea in 2014.

  • Gradual Housing Price Rise – Making it easy for buyers to purchase property at a reasonable rate.
  • Lucrative Markets Rates – Allowing a profit margin for those who wish to sell or rent their property.
  • Profitable Property Flipping – Selling old property for new is now easy because the current market rates make it easier to profit on sales while moving towards new ventures, which can soon be flipped again for a bigger profit.
  • Foreclosures Options – For those looking to make a large profit, the foreclosure market is quite favorable in 2014 as mortgage defaulters are willing to sell their properties at unbelievable lows.
  • Rise of New Constructions – A large number of family homes, city apartments and commercial properties are now cropping up all over the country to satisfy the growing demand for new property.

Smart Tips for Real Estate Investors in 2014

 While the real estate market is not as unpredictable as other financial markets, both first time and experienced investors must execute with caution while investing to ensure success with the deal they strike. Therefore, every investor should keep in mind these 3 Smart Tips for Real Estate Investing in 2014:

  1. Start Small – Aim for an investment which will give you a smaller yet sustainable gain. It’s better to take every step in the ladder and ensure your own safety than skip steps and have a fall.
  2. Research the Potential of the Property – Whether you’re buying commercial or residential property, it is essential to explore every aspect of the property before purchase. An experienced realtor can help you measure the potential of the property in terms of its current condition, current rate, the requirement of any improvement services, maintenance costs and how it will fare in future.
  3. Don’t Give up Everything – If you’re simply moving from one home to another, it’s alright to let go of your old property; however, if you’re doing so for the sake of investing, it’s better to check the depth of the water with just one leg.

As it is with any investment, going wrong is unlikely when you are assisted by an experienced realtor. So, if you’re planning to venture into the real estate arena, keep your guard up by hiring professional help.