Top 10 Successful Real Estate Investing Tips by Jeff Adams

Real estate has always been a great investment option. You have to spend a lot of money upfront but you own a property that you can stay in, rent out or sell. In case you require capital, you can always sell the property to recover your money with a profit. However, it does take a little real estate knowledge to become a successful real estate investor.

Listed below are the most common investment strategies used by property investors to ensure success:

1.    Treat Property Investing as a Business – Investing is a business. You should plan your strategy, have a checklist, pick a property, evaluate it against the checklist, find financing, and buy property with an aim to sell or to get the most out of it.

2.    Diversify your Investment – It does not make sense to risk everything on one endeavor. Diversification in real estate investment is a good idea.

3.    Research, Research, Research – Due diligence is the backbone of any investment and its particularly true in the case of real estate. You are buying the property as an investment and this means you should assess the property for its resale value (as seen by buyers).

4.    Invest for the Long Term – Property appreciates but it does take time. As an investor, you need patience to wait the market out in case property rates fall.

5.    Have Multiple Exit Strategies – Do not expect every property to flip immediately but have a medium term plan like renting or rent-to-buy option ready. Having multiple exit strategies is the best way to protect your investment.

6.    Join a Real Estate Investment Club – Likeminded people can help you in multiple ways. In fact, most of these clubs have a mentor system in which you can actually find an experienced senior to help you with your deals.

7.    Find People not Properties – You need to invest in properties which will sell quickly. As a result, it means finding people with problems who want quick cash. Reach out to the owner and help them find a quick solution to their cash problems by buying their home quickly. Taking property off their hands quickly at a mutually agreeable value can make the deal go through very quickly.

8.    Be Careful about Taxation Laws – Tax laws for investors tend to change rapidly. Make sure you hire an accountant to help you stay current with your tax returns.

9.    Hire a Property Manager – If you have invested in more than one property, hire a property manager right away to deal with maintenance issues and tenants. Of course, it will cost you but this cost is tax deductible.

10.  Use Equity from Another Property – Using equity from an existing property means borrowing from an existing property like your own home. This is not recommended if you are a novice in the investment field.


Successful real estate investors have years of experience in evaluating properties and finding properties with potential. This experience may be because of a degree but it also involves basic investment strategies like those listed above. You need to keep these strategies in mind to ensure success.