The Ideal 2015 Real Estate Agent

There are so many people these days interested in real estate investment. If you have dreamt of being a real estate investor then let me wake you up and remind you, there are so many others who want it too. Most real estate experts agree that 80 percent of your time in the real estate business should be focused on four things:

Lead follow up
Lead generation is what will keep your business going. Don’t pay so much attention on side listings or buyers who have not brought themselves to you or who you’ve heard of from someone else. Those that show a drop of interest are the ones you should focus on. Always give such people a call or an email on a regular basis to show them that you are ready to work with them in finding them the property they are looking for.

Contract negotiation
Targeting corporates has never gone wrong. Though it is harder to get such clients, they are easier to deal with and give you bigger jobs. Singing contracts with major property developers might just earn you your big break even at the beginning of your career.

You should not doubt yourself as that will be the start of failure. However, make sure you don’t take a risk that demands more resources than your business can provide, lest you end up disappointing the client. That will leave the corporate with a bad impression of your agency and that is the last thing you want.

For an agent to know how the market will behave over the next few months is crucial to how they will carry out property flipping. Study purchase patterns and know where the hotspots are for certain types of property. By doing your own prospects, you can also tell when your agency will be ready to have a team so that you have more time for lead generation.

Listing presentations
An attractive and professional looking listing presentation wins over clients. A good real estate agent should make good use of graphics, they give the visual appeal. Other factors to consider include stylish fonts, informative charts and presentation software. The presentation software you use, believe it or not, has an effect on whether your listing will make a sale or will go stale.

Powerpoint has been in use for such a long time, you would look awfully backward if it is still the one in use in your real estate agency. Nowadays, there are many better options including, Google Fonts, Google Hangouts, Recite This, Haiku Deck, Google Slides and Canva. Most of these are very easy to use. You can have overlays of text, images and photocollages that make your listing stand out from the rest. Therefore, no one has excuses for a boring real estate listing.

You have to shake your feathers and be unique in how you carry out your business for you to succeed in real estate.