Marketing Strategies for a Successful Real Estate Agent

Current and aspiring real estate agents should know that marketing is not only a tool to sell their property listings, but also to grow their individual and their agency’s brand at large. Real estate gurus like Jeff Adams recommend the following strategies to enable you as a real estate agent become a marketing genius and a favorite for your loyal clients.

Develop a slogan or name that clients can identify with and that can be the base of your marketing strategy.

The mobile phone can be a good marketing tool if used properly. In the era of smart phones, a tech savvy real estate agent gets the spotlight. You should have a smart phone to be able to easily access emails and other online services that are essential to you as an agent.

Having a phone is not enough. You must return calls and answer to emails promptly to avoid losing clients.

Speaking of clients, you need to keep a list of your past, current and potential clients who are interested in hiring your agency for property listing or to look for property to invest in.

Maintaining good relationships with clients and investors is crucial to your success as a real estate agent. You can use the internet as an opportunity to maintain these relationships with loyal clients and investors. Different methods of implementing this in your business include:

Constant communication with your clients through emails.

Sending them items of substance, through regular emails, like newsletters on the latest listings etc.

Sending clients personalized gifts including branded products. You want your agency to be the first thing that comes to their mind when they think of real estate.

Build a website for your agency or for displaying your services as an agent. You should also have an email address purchased together with the website domain as opposed to a generic free email service. This displays more professionalism and shows that you are a serious agent.

You could create a blog. Write about real estate prices, rental value, appreciation rates, interest rates, market trends and real estate advice. An active blog should have at least three new entries every week and daily responses to comments from the audience on your blog.

Create virtual tours on the website for your property listings. Add links to the tours on the blog and this will lead traffic from the blog to your website to view your property listings and vice versa.

Develop relationships with other real estate agents from other cities and states. You can do this by attending real estate workshops, seminars and conferences in other cities and even abroad.

Involve your company in some community work. Corporate social responsibility is a must for an agent who wants to be recognized and build a reputation in the community they are based in.

With the current stiff competition and the rising number of real estate agents in the real estate industry, one has to have excellent marketing skills to stay ahead of the rest.