Mentor Program – (Nationwide)

The exclusive Mentor Program is the most exciting real estate investment training to come along in years. Our hand-picked Mentors — each and every one a successful real estate investor — specialize in teaching highly-motivated students the latest techniques on how to amass wealth through cash flow real estate. For four dynamic days, your Mentor takes you, step-by-step, through our system of evaluating and then buying or controlling cash flow properties right in your home town. Your Mentor will also personally instruct you on the most effective use of our proprietary materials and techniques.

Training Location(s):

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Mentoring is an especially valuable wealth-building program for students who have graduated from Intensified Real Estate Training or who have attended two or more Advanced Training classes. Mentoring is for students who are chosen to participate and who are ready to put all of their training to work.

Here’s a sampling of what your Mentor will share with you, one-on-one:

  • Telephone conference to put a Mentor into your investment career
  • Professional assessment of your finances, goals, and experience
  • Complete income and marketing analysis of your properties
  • Thorough evaluation of the real estate market in your community
  • Identify, evaluate, and then locate cash flow properties for potential acquisition
  • Find financing options through bankers and lenders in your area
  • Build a powerful Investment Plan — and then put it into action

The one-on-one Mentor Program can provide unlimited opportunity for students who are serious about their real estate investment careers. Mentoring: the Fastest Track to Financial Independence for students who are selected to participate in this dynamic program.

Request a consultation or call our Student Advisors toll-free at 1-800-574-9221