Jeff Adams – Commercial Real Estate Investing

Taking on the challenge of Commercial Real Estate Investing means rethinking a good many of your assumptions about what a good investment is all about. Learning to prospect for investment opportunities in the commercial sector of your own market is just part of the excitement of this three-day total immersion into a world to which most people have no access. Participate in a highly exciting workshop in which you will discover all the fundamentals of buying, managing, and disposing of properties in the four major categories favored by commercial real estate investors.

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You will get hands-on experience in the following:

  • Buy-Low, Sell-High secrets
  • Finding good buys when no one else can
  • Buy or control property with none of your own cash
  • Marketing for good tenants
  • Dealing with Government regulations
  • Strategies for enhancing your portfolio
  • Turning junk properties into cash flow jewels

On a four-hour field trip during the second day, you will view several potential investments, and do a complete analysis of one of them! Each advanced training student will also have a chance to broaden his/her outlook, make strategic alliances and develop strategies to make more money in your own backyard, without heavy startup capital and without years of apprenticeship. Walk out of the training on the third day with a head full of ideas, the confidence to put them into action — and a written plan for doing so!

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  • Introduction
  • Commercial Investment Grade Real Estate
  • Features of the Four Principal Types of Commercial Real Estate

  • Lunch Break
  • Estimating Net Operating Income
  • Valuation of Income Property Using Rules of Thumb (Cap Rates, Income Multipliers, Cash-on-Cash)
  • Review/Preview Distribute Handouts for Field Trip

  • Field Trip Tour of Major Property Types, Including Four Potential Investments on the Market

  • Lunch Break
  • Field Trip Recap
  • Analyze Selected Properties using RE Software, Decide on Value of Investment
  • All about Leases
  • Dollar Impact of Lease Clauses
  • Top Ten “Musts” for Landlords Managing Tenants
  • Review/Preview

  • Dealing with Government Regulations
  • Find Good Deals in Every Market
  • Junk to Jewels
  • Buying LOW Means…
  • Seven MUST Clauses in Every Contract to Buy

  • Lunch Break
  • Offer to Purchase Workshop
  • Using the Contract Generator and the Addendum Builder
  • Write Offer on Selected Property from Field Trip
  • Review “12 Things To Do Tomorrow To Get Started”


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