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Live Training Mentor on Jeff Adams Real Estate Hosted throughout the year across the United States, the Adams Publishing Group, Inc. provides comprehensive, focused training that covers all aspects of the Real Estate Investing business. With training that offers students hands-on, in-the-field experiences and the opportunity to actively participate in negotiations and transactions as they are being constructed, students receive a complete education in real estate investing that goes beyond ‘theory’ and into application. This approach to training allows students to immediately put their education to use in the real world.


New To Real Estate Investing?
Or just considering it as a way to increase your income and financial security?
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3-Day Intensified Training Academy
The overall training curriculum focuses on establishing you as a real estate investor, properly structuring your business, and how to find the seed capital to start. You will learn the importance of creating a buyer and seller database. We will enhance your communication and negotiation skills, and provide training in how to work with bankers, brokers, and Realtors. Our students leave this 3-day workshop armed with the knowledge and confidence to get started in the business of real estate investment.Request Info | Learn More

Asset Protection
Lawsuits, taxes, and death are all inevitable. You can’t ignore them. You pay thousands in unnecessary taxes. You can lose everything in a lawsuit. The government gets most of what’s left when you die. However, you do have an alternative. You can take action and take control of your life and your business. You can design a step-by-step personal wealth plan that will protect your personal and business assets, dramatically reduce your income taxes and eliminate estate taxes. Request Info | Learn More

Commercial Real Estate Investing
Taking on the challenge of the Commercial Real Estate Investing Training means rethinking a good many of your assumptions about what a good investment is all about. Learning to prospect for investment opportunities in the commercial sector of your own market is just part of the excitement of this three-day total immersion into a world to which most people have no access. Participate in a highly exciting workshop in which you will discover all the fundamentals of buying, managing and disposing of properties in the four major categories favored by commercial real estate investors. Request Info | Learn More

Creative Real Estate Financing
Every successful real estate investor knows that finding the property is only half the battle. They know that financing the deal is when they win – or lose. Learning the keys to creative real estate financing gives you the knowledge and the power to go after any property worth buying. You’ll never again say “If I only had the money” because you’ll learn to master virtually every real estate financing strategy there is – giving you the strength and confidence to close any deal. And now, for the first time, your training will leave you feeling like you’ve earned a Ph.D in the subject. Request Info | Learn More

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Discount Notes and Mortgages
This dynamic training can go hand-in-hand with your ongoing real estate training –because it fits into your business plan as a natural moneymaker. Discover how you can broker mortgages and notes at a discount – from industry experts. Learn how to find existing notes and then create new notes through simultaneous closings. These strategies can work in virtually every real estate transaction – single and multi-family residences, commercial property and vacant land. Learn how to cultivate sources right in your community who will depend on you to bring them opportunities to buy discount notes and mortgages – then pay you for your services. You will also learn how to build wealth through brokering invoices and other debt instruments. Request Info | Learn More

Foreclosure Training
You could make more money in foreclosures than in any other comparable portion of real estate investing – if you know how. Think about what factors make the best prospects for an investor: a distressed property with a distressed owner! With foreclosures, you also learn to work with lenders who are anxious to get bad loans off the books. Banks want out of the property management business – it’s something they’re not too good at in the first place – and you can help. Foreclosure Training is a proverbial Win-Win for anyone who wants to master this phase of investing. Request Info | Learn More

International Finance & Investment Training
Discover how you can preserve a million dollar net worth, increase your assets, and retain more earnings at the International Finance and Investment Training in beautiful Costa Rica.This training is the product of several years of research and development by Jeff Adams on how anyone can benefit financially by going international in full compliance with U.S. and International laws. Jeff Adams has also selected an internationally-renowned team of experts to guide you each and every step of the way. You will learn how you can create and keep more wealth than ever through the benefits of International Finance and Investments. This training can be of tremendous benefit to anyone who is serious about creating a legacy of wealth that can be transferred from generation to generation. Request Info | Learn More

Mentor Program – (Nationwide)
Jeff Adams’ exclusive Mentor Program is the most exciting real estate investment training to come along in years. Jeff Adams’ hand-picked Mentors – each and every one a successful real estate investor – specialize in teaching highly-motivated students the latest techniques to amass wealth through cash flow real estate. For four dynamic days, your Mentor takes you, step-by-step, through Jeff Adams’ system of evaluating and then buying cash flow properties right in your hometown. Your Mentor will also personally instruct you on the most effective use of Jeff Adams’ proprietary materials and techniques. Mentoring is an especially valuable wealth-building program for students who have graduated from Millionaire U or who have attended two or more of Jeff Adams’ Advanced Trainings. Mentoring is for students who are chosen to participate and who are ready to put all of their training to work. Request Info | Learn More

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Manufactured / Mobile Homes & RV Parks
Discover how you can generate an entirely new source of cash flow and equity. Learn how to buy, sell and rent mobile homes to a proven but often overlooked segment of the real estate market. While manufactured/mobile homes cost far less than frame constructed buildings, they can yield an impressive rate of return on investment when you decide to sell. Manufactured/mobile homes also generate a stream of monthly or annual cash comparable to many apartment house rentals. Virtually every real estate investment technique can be applied to this untapped segment of the market if you learn how to do it right – even the lease option method can give you fast profits. Request Info | Learn More

Intensified Real Estate Training
Intensified Real Estate Training, a truly hands-on and dynamic training program, puts you on the fast track to success. This extraordinary training is designed to teach the real-world ins and outs of identifying, negotiating, buying, and managing massive cash flow real estate. Request Info | Learn More

Property Management & Cash Flow
Learn to maximize cash flow and your net worth during this exciting three-day training devoted to a hidden element in real estate investment — Property Management. You will even learn numerous insider techniques in property management that can be the foundation of a successful and profitable new career. Request Info | Learn More

Lease Option
Want an easy, low-risk way to attain financial freedom? Want to quit your job and live the life of your dreams on your own massive cash flows? Then you must attend the Lease Option Training. Discover solid, proven strategies for attaining financial independence through real estate. Learn how to enjoy all the benefits of owning property without the risks or hassles. The key to this training is how to buy or control property by putting very little to absolutely no money down. Learn how to get cash back in your pocket when you buy a property. Discover how to acquire properties in any area of your town with nothing down using the lease option method. See how you can cash in your lease option properties to unlock thousands of dollars for yourself as soon as you get home from this camp. Request Info | Learn More

Rehabbing for Profit
Learn how to make money in rehabbing and renovating homes in this three day, hand-on training. This is real life “get your hand dirty” training. Learn using actual property and real-life deals using rehab methods taught by our “Professor of Rehab” and a team of contractors and home improvement professionals. You’ll even go into the field for a day filled with learning and working at an actual rehab house. Request Info | Learn More

Wholesale Buying
Learn how to locate, evaluate and negotiate for wholesale properties in one of the nation’s most dynamic real estate markets. Then, learn how to apply your knowledge of wholesale buying right in your own community! During this exciting and action-packed training, each student will learn how to buy one or more properties for his or her own portfolio. These properties can then be held as positive cash-flow rentals or, in some cases, quick-flipped for an immediate profit! Request Info | Learn More

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