Jeff Adams Real Estate Tips for Increasing the Sale Price of a Property

Which real estate investor wouldn’t want to sell a real estate property for the peak price in a short span of time? Jeff Adams, the real estate expert provides ten ways which the real estate investors can employ to derive maximum profit from their real estate property without any hassles.

Organizing and Cleaning

Whether the real estate property is a residential or a commercial one, it requires good cleaning. It is vital to remove and store items that have been unused. All the formalities need to be filed. All the rooms in the residential real estate property must be cleaned for the purpose of showing.

Brighten up the place

Whenever you plan showings, it is vital to replace all the light bulbs that are burnt out and replace them with new ones. Open the windows and let the fresh air circulate into the real estate property. The brighter and ventilated the place is, more are the chances of the real estate property being liked by a potential buyer.

Get the real estate property staged

It is a good idea to stage the home by oneself or with the help from any specialized staging company. This will impart the home a clean and fresh look.

Take care of the lawn

The lawn must be mowed, bordered and the weeds must be removed. The trees and flower beds must be weeded and additional of some colorful flowers will improve the look of the lawn. If you are trying to sell the property during the summer, you must ensure that the lawn is trimmed properly. A well maintained lawn is your best shot for providing a good first impression.

Ensure that the carpets are cleaned

Don’t let dirty things spoil the show for you. Make sure that the carpet is in good shape and dusted.

Electrical Repairs

All the electric issues must be repaired. A professional must be hired because this is quite crucial. If a real estate property has not been maintained well, then the chances of it being sold off are also nil.

Take care of the flooring

The damaged floors must be repaired and refinished. It is vital to replace all the broken tiles. Excellent cleaning of the floor grout and the floors must be done. This will provide the real estate property a good feel.


Touch up any damaged walls with patching holes, cracks and chips. Paint the interior space with neutral colors. Repainting will impart the real estate property a fresh and good look. Exteriors must be painted as well as it plays a key role in giving a good first impression. Seal all the cracks in the wall and redecorate if necessary. Fixing would cost you some money, but no fixing would cost you the deal.

Bathrooms and Kitchen

The kitchen is a crucial parameter when it comes to any residential real estate property. Real estate properties with an outdated kitchen wouldn’t help crack any deal. The kitchen needs to be updated by resurfacing the cabinet, and by cleaning. Replace all the toilet seats and restore the fixtures.

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