Jeff Adams: Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is one of the most profitable forms of investing as it can help you in more than one way.

Advantages of Real Estate Investing

  • Profits and Steady Monthly Income

Your first step in real estate investing starts with the purchase of property. If your property was purchased at a low price you can sell it at a higher price thereby making clear profits. If bought at a higher rate you still have nothing to worry about as you can always put it up on rent. The rent will provide you with a fixed flow of income every month.

  • Ease of Loan Approvals

When you have invested in property, your loan approvals for business or personal reasons become easier. Let’s say you put in your papers for loan. The bank requires your statements to check whether you are financially sound. Proof of real estate investment is considered a positive factor, which in turn will fasten your loan approval.

  • Future Appreciation of Property

If you are considering buying a property to make it your home, few years down the line this can be profitable to you. Consider this scenario. Suppose you bought a house to live in and plan to sell it after a few years, the rate at which your house will be sold then will be much higher than what you purchased it at. Real estate is always in demand because with the rise in population, the need for homes and shelter is always increasing, pushing up thee prices of land and homes.

  • Helps Secure Future for Your Children

Your real estate investment today will always prove profitable for the upcoming generation. Your property can be then taken care of by your children. They can continue rent the property as you did or simply sell it according to the market value and condition. This secures their future and releases tension off your shoulders!

These advantages now intrigue you and the next question you ask is so how to go about this? How to start? What’s next?

Step Up to Real Estate Investing- Make a Plan
Planning as they say is your first step towards everything. Even the most difficult piece of work can be easy if planned properly. Similarly, real estate investment is an easy process… all you require is a little planning. Follow these steps to plan your real estate investment.

Step 1 – the basics
Determine the amount you would like to spend on your real estate investment, the people you would like to involve and the risks you are willing to take.

Step 2 – Be Aware of Latest Market Trends
Real estate is an ever changing field that never stands on a neutral ground. This field isn’t one where you can assume and take a chance. The market will always surprise you! The prices are constantly changing and the demand keeps increasing or decreasing depending on the economics of the situation.

Step 3 – Proceed with Caution and Common Sense
For instance, an old dilapidated property may be available dirt cheap. But think whether investing in that will offer any benefits to you? The repair and maintenance of that can burden you with a few worries. Besides, a new one is always an attraction. But if there is a property that is in an area that has good potential for coming up in a big way few years down the line, that is a good investment.

Step 4 – Take Expert Advice
However old or new you are in this field an advice won’t harm you, it will instead only save your time and effort giving you better results. Only an advisor can give you the right information about the current laws in the real estate market. The government keeps changing tax laws which majorly affect the real estate market. Whether the property has a number of buyers or are you the only one will be answered by your expert. So don’t hesitate, just go consult one!

What Next Now… Action
What must you do now that you have purchased your land? Your answer here depends on your plan of action. What is your plan? Ask yourself a few questions. Have you bought this property to make it your home? Or is this just another house you want to keep aside? If this is the house you want to make your home be sure you aren’t compromising on the carpet area needed as per your family’s requirements. When it comes to yourself and family there is no compromising. On the other hand, if you want to sell the property, again you have many options.

The market always has people investing to make a few quick bucks and you might as well sell the property or land while the prices are still high because you never know when the market price decides to tumble down.

Either way, real estate is a boon more than a bane so step up and plan it all for you never know how close you are to striking it big with real estate investment.

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