Jeff Adams: Real Estate Investing A – Z for Beginners

The 2014 real investment market has been seeing a steady improvement. In fact, rental rates are increasingly steadily. For real estate investors, this is a good time to get in to the real estate investment market. Property rates are rising but you can still find properties in several affordable categories in different states.

However, as a novice to the investment market, you may not know exactly how to start and what to do. With expert help and industry knowledge from real estate moguls like Jeff Adams, we can definitely offer you a few tips to get started.

So here goes.

Finding Property

Yes, there are properties for sale all over the country but investing in a county that is more than 200 miles away from your residence is not a good idea. The property may be affordable, and attractive but driving down will cost you and you may not be able to keep an eye on your property. To prevent this, industry experts like Jeff Adams recommend you start with your community, neighborhood, town, city, etc. before moving further away.

As you are an expert in your own area, you are more likely to find bargains. As the property is close by, you can keep an eye on it, maintain it, rent it out, and generally ensure that your property is in good condition and raking in an income. Of course, if you can afford it, you can hire a property management company and invest in affordable properties located in far-flung but affordable areas.

Choosing the Investment Option

There are several ways in which investors can make money from a property by investing in commercial and industrial property, by buying and flipping residential property, by renting residential and commercial property, buying mixed use properties, or by investing in REITs. No matter which investment option you choose, make sure you research it properly.

Making the Profit

The endgame of real estate investment is always profit. As a buyer, you have to plan what you want to do to achieve this goal. For example, you may choose to buy property and let it appreciate in value for sale. You may choose to rent the property and collect monthly payments. Some property owners just buy, renovate, and flip properties quickly to make profits. The choice is yours but you have to make this decision as soon as possible.

Learn the Skills

Will you take a road trip without a map? Then don’t be afraid to enroll for a learning program that teaches basic math, research skills, accounting, and statistics for real estate beginners. This will prepare you for the financial part of real estate investment.

You can also add courses run by experts like Jeff Adams, the #1 real estate trainer, to your list. By learning from a real estate professional, you can avoid the most common mistakes made by newbies to the real estate investment game. This will not only save you time and money, but it will also save you a whole lot of headache and stress.

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