Jeff Adams Real Estate Investing Tips – Discover The Hidden Investor in You

There is no investing quite as exciting as real estate investing. It has the power to make or break millions of bucks. Looking at the seasoned players in the market, some might even say that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But is that really true? Market research has showed that the property sector has reached an all-time high and the year 2013 brings with it a promising boom in the real estate sector. Clearly, the smart American would want to cash in on this opportunity. It does not matter if you are a pro or a newbie. What matters are simple investing techniques that will send even small time investors cruising in gold.

Here are some tips on Smart Real Estate Investing in 2013:

Plan, Camera, Action!
If you do not have a strategy, you basically have nothing. Before you begin, you must take a decision as to what you’re aiming at and devise a strategy accordingly. Decide basics such as the people you’re going to involve, how you will approach them, how much time and money it requires and how much do you have, risk management, etc. Once this is done, there is no thinking twice that you’re one step closer to investing reality.

Expert Review
No matter how confident you are about your plan, getting it reviewed by a seasoned expert is important, especially if you are a newbie. Every plan has a goal and a strategy. Only an expert can tell you how realistic is the plan, and how effective is the strategy.

Getting your plan reviewed will help you save the much needed time, money and effort which may otherwise go to waste if the plan is not up to mark.

Never giving up on your investing dream is the key. The market may sometimes fall unfavorable. Your resources might fall out of line. If things can go wrong, they will. There will be numerous high and low points in an investor’s tenure. The fundamental aspect is perseverance. If you are confident about the plan and if you’re determined to work towards it, there is nothing that can bring you down.

One Step at a Time
It is the small successes that take you to real estate investing glory. Something as small as meeting a house inspector or calling a title company is what will ultimately take you to succeeding in the enormous investing operation. Jeff Adams emphasizes that real estate investing “to-do” lists are a great way to keep track of both, short-term and long-term goals. It is the little steps you take that take you a long way.

Positive Discomfort
For new investors, the real estate investing arena is unlikely to be a comfort zone. Most investors in real estate investing meetings range from 40 to 50 years. But after a few first meetings, you will start to become comfortable. Instead of running away from the initial discomfort, it is best to stay put and learn as much as you can. Only then will you realize your true potential in real estate investing.

Actions Louder than Words
Real estate investing functions primarily on investor’s reputation. If the real world is small, then even smaller is the real estate investing world. News spreads at supersonic speed. So if you’ve said that you’re going to buy a property from an investor, you must make sure you buy it under any circumstance. This is imperative because investor loyalties are quick to change. Name saving is important in a market that is profit driven. If you get black listed by an investor, it is nearly impossible to get the reputation back.


If being on time is important in day-to-day life, it is an absolute life determining essential in the world of real estate investing. Contractors, investors, inspectors or anyone else is bound to have disregard for someone who does not show up on time. One way to make trusted allies is by making them happy about initiating the deal. There is no better way to go than being punctual and professional in your dealings. It retains the opposing party’s interest in the real estate deal.

If you have seen an experienced investor work their way to the top, you probably know that everyone had a game plan. Your game plan depends on your preference and investing style. However, following these basic tips is bound to help even the most seasoned real estate investor. To begin with, if you can incorporate even a few of these in your investing tenure, you are bound to land yourself a spot at the top of the game. As Jeff Adams believes, it’s the simple things that create magic.

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