Real Estate Investing: Getting Started

Investing in real estate might not mean instant returns for all. However with a little homework and a lot of research, you can be assured of substantial rewards. A relatively simple asset class to invest in, real estate however does require a certain level of understanding. Jeff Adams, the #1 real estate trainer, helps you understand what you need to prepare for investing in real estate.

Invest to Earn Rental Income

One of the most basic reasons for investing in real estate is to guarantee income. This makes the investor a landlord who then leases or rents out the property to other tenants which makes it possible for the owner to settle all dues related to the property. At the end of the payments, you will be left with a property which can then be sold according to the prevailing market rates or kept by the owner for personal use.

Alternatively, landlords can charge a little more than their mortgage payments in order to get a steady monthly income as well. If you hire the services of a property manager to maintain your premises, you can be assured of a hassle free investment which pays steady returns or a one time profit at the end of your mortgage.

Join an Investment Group

Operated on the lines of a mutual fund, real estate investment groups offer you the benefit of earning rental income from properties which you are not interested in maintaining. The entire project will be collectively managed by the company which built the project and you, as an investor, will be part of a larger group who has put money into the project.

As an investor, you will own one or more units inside the property. There will be a small amount of the rent you receive which will be set aside to guard against occasional lulls in rentals when your unit or some other investors unit will be empty. This helps all to pay their mortgage.

Short Term Investors

People who buy properties to sell almost immediately or in a short span of time fall under this category. If you think you understand the real estate market in your city clearly, you would be aware of properties located in popular areas which sell for a decent profit.

In such instances, picking up these properties when they come up for sale and selling them within a few months will earn you a decent profit. Usually, no maintenance or extra work is required on the property which is generally sold on an ‘as is’ basis.

Another option is to spend some time renovating the house before you sell it. This will help you fetch a better price in return for your efforts in sprucing the house up.


Real Estate Investment Trust is the result of a corporation using money funded from investors to buy and operate properties which then give healthy returns. Investors can buy shares of REIT’s from stock exchanges in a manner similar to investing in stocks.

However, REIT’s are generally viewed to be much more stable than stocks and allow investors to diversify their portfolios. REIT’s also help investors who want to invest in commercial properties but do not have the funds to do so.

To know more about how you can begin your real estate investment journey, go thorough the free webinar by Jeff Adams on his website.