How to Find a Good Real Estate Property for Investment

When searching to make a good real estate investment in property buying, you must consider a few factors, such as, the town or city in which you want to buy a property, its neighborhood, amenities, etc. If you have read Jeff Adams book on real estate buying, there is some sound advice given in his bestsellers. Additionally, you can also buy his Seminars and Workshops Online and get some good advice on real estate investment. You can find places in United States that could be a good real estate investment.

Look at the kind of neighborhood you will be buying into. The property size also matters when you are thinking of making a real estate investment. Also, buy a real estate property in which you don’t have to shell out fifty percent of your income in paying off the loans that you take to make this real estate investment. You must also estimate the maximum price you can afford to pay after any repairs or renovations made to the property.

Whenever you invest in a real estate property and put it on a lease, you can accept a rent of two percent on the entire property price. This is how you can calculate rent for any real estate property that you want to put it on a lease. This is a percentage for residential homes. For commercial properties, you can increase the percentage for calculating the rent for any commercial property you own.

Always look into all kinds of licenses and clearances when buying a real estate property. Jeff Adams real estate books could give you a good insight into property buying, if you are a first time buyer. You will find real estate properties to buy or lease in multiple listing service, in craigslist, with marketers who are involved in outbound real estate marketing, you can get a list from a realtor, banks, real estate firms, etc.

You can look at the property portfolio that is available with most of the firms in any city in the United States. You can look at apartments, condos, family homes, open houses, raw lands, agricultural real estate properties, etc. Real estate investment in agricultural lands, such as, timber fields, or any land that has a good produce, can be a good real estate investment. Buying a home or a commercial property is not the only option in making a real estate investment.

If you make a real estate investment in agricultural properties that can produce products that have an export value, then you will make multifold profits by investing in such properties. For instance, timber is now a billion dollar business and is exported to various countries, like Spain, Italy, etc.

When you are able to create bulk produce that can be exported, it will make you rich from these profits. For this, if you can afford or get a financial help, you can look into buying bulk properties and look at the portfolios of such real estate property deals.

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