The Features of 2014’s Real Estate Market

Investment forecasts have given real estate investment a thumbs up in 2014. Labeled as one of the “best bets for investment” in 2014, the real estate market is bustling with both small and big fish, aspiring to strike treasure! But, which sectors in real estate are currently offering the best returns? Which is the best arena for first time investors? And how safe should you play this game to ensure success?

Find all your real estate questions for 2014 answered below. We’ve brought to you some of the latest trends in 2014’s real estate market. Secure your success in the real estate industry by investing right and investing now!

So, what does the 2014 real estate market look like?

Investors and Investment are on the Rise

Commoners have now started to look at buying homes and property from an investment perspective. Gone are the days when buying a home only to live in it was a priority. With its immense potential, real estate is luring numerous first timers into the industry. Investments and investors are, therefore, on the rise. Don’t miss your opportunity and don’t lose out on the best properties by waiting! Start today!

Second-Tier Cities are on the Map

 If you were looking only at New York, Washington D.C. and San Francisco, it’s time to divert your attention to second-tier cities which are faring better on the real estate map. Real estate investing and the housing demand in cities like Austin, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Seattle and San Jose is slowly but surely increasing. Establishing your presence as one of the first players in these markets will reward you well.

Job Growth is Back on Track

 With drastic improvements in the economy since the recession, an immense spurt has been observed in the growth of jobs and employment opportunities. Employees are now venturing into commercial cities in search of better employment and thus the need for housing in such towns is on the rise.

This trend is also leading to a decline in family properties in commercial hubs. Bachelor / bachelorette pads and couple homes are much more in demand now.

Distressed Properties are Drying Up

 With the market conditions improving, foreclosures are being sold faster than ever to guarantee hefty profits. There are still a number of distressed properties out there and to ensure you make the best of it, you will need to start scouting now. In all likelihood, with the improvements in the economy, distressed properties will decline in the near future. So if you’re looking for an investment with low input and high returns, the time to invest is NOW.

Everyone’s Going Urban

 The demand for urban property is not likely to wane at all. Every homeowner wants access to the best urban facilities like schools, shopping centers, major transit routes, airports, parks and hospitals. Investing in urban areas in 2014 will certainly be a rewarding experience.

If you’ve been keenly observing the market over the last couple of months for these trends, you won’t need more proof to tell you that 2014 is the best time to get going with that real estate investment.