Why 2015 is still a Favorable Period for Real Estate Investment

The real estate market has shifted and is looking ripe for all those willing to invest in it. Jeff Adams, the #1 real estate trainer, talks about some of the leading trends in 2014 and why it is still a favorable period for real estate investment. With the global crisis on the brink of ending, this is the right time for anyone who is interested in buying property.

The Development of Tier Two and Tier Three Cities
There has been a shift from the so called 24 hour cities to tier two and tier three cities. While even up until two years ago, cities like New York, San Francisco or D.C. were most sought after, there has been a gradual shift to cities like Dallas or even the suburbs. There is where some of the biggest deals have been completed and some of the most intricate development projects have been successfully launched.

Interdependency between Real Estate and the Job Market
Predictably, the areas that have seen the quickest recovery are the same areas with the best job prospects. With some of the bigger cities seeing relatively lower job growth, their growth in the real estate market is relatively less. Additionally, the banks are trying to promote tier two and tier three cities as independent financial hubs so it is easier to procure mortgages and new homes in these cities than bigger ones.

The Break Away from the Apartment Syndrome
Apartments were the most sought after during the recession stage, especially multifamily apartment complexes with common amenities and shared luxuries. However, in 2014 the trend has changed from demand for multi-family apartments to houses.

Development of Condos
There have also been a surge of single family homes lately and the rate of condo development has not been at a pace that supplements this demand. Next year – in 2015, there is a likelihood of this trend changing and developers are investing in condos this year. It is possible that the condos will be developed a lot more for renters than home owners.

It Is No Longer the Buyer’s Market
Up until a year ago, houses were being sold at a price that is best suited for the buyers with low interest rates and low realtors commission. Now the trend has changed to making the market competitively priced for sellers, which will mean that buyers have to shell out quite a bit to own a home now. This is the right time to sell any of your properties for maximized profits. On the flipside, the size of the homes is getting bigger with better amenities.

Jeff Adams and his team have been conducting workshops to help maximize your investment in the current market. If you missed them, contact our office and inquire about our next Foreclosure Academy or simply find out how our team can help you get to the next level in 2015 in regards to your real estate investing business.

If you are looking at investing in the real estate market, the time is ripe to maximize your profits. Jeff Adams will be there every step of the way and will help you make safe and well informed investment decisions. There is no denying it; there is no time like the present to invest in real estate.

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